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Inter-Chem has a long history of generous support of community charitable causes since its founding in 1976. Since becoming a fully employee owned ESOP company in 2008, Inter-Chem has continued and expanded its’ charitable giving. The Inter-Chem Board of Directors and management focuses the company’s charitable giving on those causes and organizations supported by our employee owners. Inter-Chem matches or double matches contributions given to charities by the employees in addition to the company’s annual directed giving program.

Our employees dedicate their personal resources, time, and talent to the causes most important to them. Inter-Chem supports employee community engagement through encouraging employee participation in fundraising events, service on charity boards, and other service activities. Through their generous giving of both financial resources and time, our employees (and our company) have long supported organizations involved in cancer research and patient support, child advocacy and parent training, community food banks and feeding programs, veterans support, homeless support, addiction recovery and community mental health organizations, community youth programs, educational institutions, and many more.


Inter-Chem continually strives to ensure the safety of our community, our processes, and our employees. We are dedicated to the continuous review and improvement of our environmental safety, occupational safety, process safety, security systems, and emergency best practices among our processing and distribution businesses.

Although our efforts have been validated with a long string of safety awards stretching back decades, we understand and are committed to the need for constant vigilance and review of these all-important programs.

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