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Inter-Chem has been adding value in the sulphur industry for over three decades, and our team of experienced personnel is one of the longest combined-tenured groups in the industry.

We offer a unique understanding of the market; serving both large multinational companies and small niche operations. While working with a variety of supplier and customer facilities, we provide a diverse set of marketing and logistics solutions


A full-service transportation network of approximately 1,000 rail cars means shipments are always timely. Equally important, Inter-Chem has an award-winning safety record.

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We invest the time and effort to understand your challenges, identify limiting factors, and create a competitive advantage for your business. In all market conditions, Inter-Chem has performed on 100% of its commitments.

Storage & handling

We help clients develop sulphur-related storage and handling infrastructure. Previous projects include the funding and implementation of handling equipment, tanks, transload terminals, and both loading and unloading facilities. Large and small clients enjoy working with a company willing to spend its capital in order to facilitate commercial sulphur transactions.

Marketing & distribution

Our diverse network of counterparties helps us maintain reliable distribution at competitive prices. A complete perspective on the market allows us to promote best alternatives for all of our clients.

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Refined Products

Beyond sulphur, we also market a variety of refined products.

Inter-Chem’s specialized knowledge in this area, combined with the group’s strength in the handling and movement of these types of products, allows us to add value and flexibility to our clients in support of their strategies. Our network of storage and transportation modes, including barge, rail, and pipeline allow us to positively affect any and all transactions we enter.

Coal & Petroleum Coke

Inter-Chem has been an active participant in the coal industry since 1980. As markets have changed, Inter-Chem has adjusted to the coal industry and refocused its efforts on providing superior marketing and supply support to customers.

Today, Inter-Chem provides innovative solutions to fuel requirements which include coal and petroleum coke blends as an alternative to shipping straight coal or petroleum coke. Attention to the needs of both the suppliers and the end users has become the trademark for Inter-Chem’s Coal/Petroleum Coke marketing.

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