International Chemical Company (Inter-Chem) was founded in 1976 as a multi-product plant foods marketing and distribution company.  Inter-Chem's corporate headquarters is in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Inter-Chem operates under a philosophy that commitment to excellence and professional service is to be exceeded only by a commitment to the highest levels of business and personal integrity. We adhere to our pledge that our word is our bond, and that all customers and suppliers are always to be treated with honesty and respect


Responding to the ever changing business environment, Inter-Chem diversified  beyond the plant foods industry.   The company is currently comprised of several primary business segments:

  •     Plant Foods Marketing & Distribution
    Domestic (U.S.A.) Dealer Sales Distribution
    Domestic (U.S.A.) Wholesale Marketing

    International Plant Foods Marketing
  •     Energy Group
    Sulphur Marketing & Distribution
    Residual Fuel Marketing & Distribution

    Coal & Petroleum Coke Marketing
  •     Subsidiary Investment Group
    -AmeriGlobe, LLC., Lafayette, LA  - Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC) bulk bag design and supply
    -Ozark Steel, LLC., Tulsa, OKCustom steel processing services for the manufacturing industry